forest bathing

enjoying the beauty and stillness of nature


"the world offers itself to your imagination
calls to you like the wild geese
harsh and exciting
over and over

announcing your place in the family of things"

Mary oliver

Flock in Flight

Forest Bathing is the art of immersing ourselves in the natural environment by opening the senses and tuning us into the intimacy of nature. We slow down the pace and allow our mind and body to wander, enjoying the stillness and beauty of the place we're in.


It can bring us deeper awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. Awakening to the subtle colours, sounds and textures that sometimes may be missed in every day living.

Sessions can be taken by anyone with an interest in being in nature. There is nothing you need to be or do just come and experience yourself and share in a circle of others.

It has many benefits including improving high blood pressure, stress, and depression and giving an overall sense of wellbeing.


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  • A natural space held for you to sink into what you need

    35 British pounds