forest guide peer group

Daisy Flowers
A chance to gather together as Forest Guides to share, enthuse and imagine. Forming circle to listen and give space for each others hearts and beings within the field of guiding in nature. To provide a platform of connection and belonging.

who is it for?

Nature guides and facilitators who would like to enhance their human nature connection. You can be from ANFT or other Forest Bathing Trainings. A years experience would be ideal but not essential.

how will it work?

about the group

The gatherings will be monthly and have room for 7 participants each time. We will use Way of Council to create a holding for the group, and will do two rounds. One as a check-in and the second to share what we are noticing in regards to our connection to nature either personally or professionally. We will also have  breakout room so that we can have a chat in smaller groups. You have the option of having a 'Forest Buddy' in between sessions to share a call with together as another way to dialogue.

Being in a circle such as this allows for hearing ourself as well as ourselves in others. It helps generate feelings of togetherness and trust, providing a gentle base of connection to dip into, spring from and rippling out through our individual networks, giving opportunity to become more than the sum of our parts.


The first date will be Wednesday 16 June. We will see what the interest is and go from there. The plan would be to do a monthly gathering.

'In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.'


Paulo Coelho