about forest bathing

what is forest bathing

A forest bathe can take place in any kind of natural environment, whether it's a park, a garden, a field or a woodland, by the river or by the sea. we form a group and create together a shared space of listening with time for sitting in circle and opportunity to be alone. throughout the session Your guide will use invitations that encourage slowing down and an opening to hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching the more-than-human world. also offering another layer of expanding into the imaginal world of sensations and embodiment. we finish the session with a tea ceremony of foraged plants giving gratitude for nature and to ourselves and each other for our presence. the walks are short in distance and a gentle gradient. we go out whatever the weather, unless it is extreme and needs to be postponed. everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the wonderful benefits of a forest bathing session.


NB>the walks are for over 18's and there are no dogs  : )


Being out in nature gives wings to our soul. We feel like we are breathing from our imaginations and everything seems alive and available to us. It's the magic of the natural environment.


It knows the truth holding ultimate intelligence that we can tap into and remember as part of our innate way of being. Human beings are nature, we come form nature, from the mother, from earth, we are made of earth and this will always be.


Responding in direct relation to the living space around us enabled us to grow strong, feeding from our intuition and instinct. These old ways are not forgotten but live on inside of us and as we find ourselves spinning faster in our worlds it's essential for us to have a place to return to that makes sense, that holds us to ourselves again, to what we know to be true.


Shinrin Yoku ( 森林浴 ) translates from the Japanese into 'Forest Bathing', or to immerse oneself in nature. The tradition to be in nature in this way comes from the Japanese culture and has been fused with other practices to become what we know as Forest Bathing today. In Japan specific gardens have been created to stimulate a receptive and calming experience as you move through the space, promoting wellness and rejuvination. Scientific studies have been made in a variety of countries to quantify how beneficial it is to be outside.


As well as nurturing our connection with the more-than-human world it's also important to nourish the human connection we can find by sitting in circle, sharing common experience and hear each other in our lives. The beauty of feeling we belong to life, out communities, the earth is part of the medicine of a reciprocity with all of lifes beings, it's then that we can feel the wholeness that we always are.




practicals for coming on a walk

What to wear

It's best to be ready for whatever the weather. Good walking shoes are great as surfaces can sometimes be unstable. We go out come rain or shine so lots of layers including thermals and waterproof trousers, and sunhats and sunscreen. Long trousers can also be good for possible brambles and ticks.


What to bring

When we sit in circle depending on what you prefer you can bring a mat to sit on, or a little light camping stool.

A bottle of water and snacks.

Bug repellent or lavender,

A mug for the tea ceremony.

A journal is a lovely thing to have, it enables you to reflect a bit on the journey you may have had and is a way to honor your time in the forest.

Who and how

You will either be on a 1 to 1 session with the guide, or in a group of participants. Laura will guide you for the whole session, with moments for being alone as well as time to share in the circle and also experience the forest together within the holding of the group. The invitations are to support your connection and there is always room for you to meet your needs within that.

Where to come

You will be sent detailed directions of the location of the walk you are coming to, along with Laura's number incase you need it. Parking is free. Some sites are privately owned so we ask you to be considerate. It's good to arrive at least ten minutes before the walk starts so you have time to land gently.


There are toilet and wash facilities at all of our walk locations. There is also an option to 'wild wee'.

Health & Covid Guidelines

We will be running the walks within Government Covid guidelines and will adjust accordingly. There will be no more than 5 participants on each walk and we will encourage happy distancing.

If you feel unwell please stay cosy at home and we can transfer you to another date that suites you, or you can have a full refund. Care and wellbeing matters.


We offer refunds if the walk is cancelled but otherwise there are no refunds given.

opening to the majesty

of the forest and

the silent beauty within

Dewy Flowers

Slow down your pace and open your senses

Give yourself permission to do nothing

Your guide will use invitations that will help you to embody

Invite yourself to feel the earth with barefeet

Soften the belly and breath in your surroundings

Let the guide be the doorway to discover your essence in the forest

Notice the details as you wander or sit

Bring pleasure to the experience

Enjoy feeling textures on your skin

Loosen expectations and see what is available outside and within you

Bring the nature to you