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'root to leaf'

forest kin year group

'Root to Leaf' is a Season-Round Forest Kin group delving us deeper into each season as we journey together in a forest circle for a whole turn of a year.  Starting at Spring Equinox 2022 we will gather to witness the nature in all its beauty, at the same time reflecting and honoring our own routes through the forest, giving time and space to presence.

We will be meeting four times in the year, to Forest Bathe and journal and explore creatively. There will be invitations given to follow inbetween meetings to enhance and develop our listening to the more-than-human-world.



The Venue

We will be meeting on and exploring the land at White House Farm at Great Glemham. There are a wonderful variety of different habitats and landscapes in this area, from chestnut woods, swathes of snowdrops in the nut grove to open meadows with grazing sheep. Each time we will gather at the Forest Bathing hearth of the farm up on the hill, then journey out from there.

2022 Dates

Saturday 19 March


Saturday 18 June


Saturday 17 September


Saturday 10 December

Each session 10.30am - 1.30pm

With time to bring picnic lunch


If you are interested in knowing more or to book your place and

be part of this deeper dive into the flow of nature

then please contact Laura on the

form Here and you will be sent a booking form.


This includes :

*  4 x 3 hour sessions of Forest Bathing in various locations

around the beautiful land at White House Farm.

* Monthly emailed invitations to support

the deepening thread into nature connection

* A Forest Buddy to travel the journey alongside -

this can be human, stone, flower, seed however it shows up for you

* Opportunity to be part of the Forest Kin Whatsapp group

particular to this course to share personal reflections and

inspirations and to encourage and support eachothers unfolding

* Inspirations to support continued nature relation practise

" Into the woods i go to lose my mind and find my soul" John Muir

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