Our Locations

          henham estate near southwold

sinfield nature reserve in hasketon

white house farm in great glemham 

Sinfield Nature Reserve is a rare find as it has stood still in time escaping pesticides of modern farming and allowing nature to thrive with abundance. There are herds of deer, owls and alsorts of Woodland birds as well as wildflower meadows with orchids. This space is tranquil and lazy and is wonderful to enjoy.

The vast rolling grassland of Henham Estate dotted with ancient Oaks. The trees are grand and the woodland lines the Lake which has carp and russling reeds. A total treat to be in this majestic landscape.

A beautiful rich farmland in White House Farm in Great Glemham with a huge variety of natural pasture, chestnut woodland and rows of Poplars. We are delighted to be welcomed onto this land and explore different areas according to the seasons and what is arriving there.