1 :1 forest sessions


Sometimes being held in a space of gentle listening is all we need. To give ourselves the time to turn in and allow the leaves of our lives to be seen, uncovering the rich soil underneath.


Forest Bathing can create a sense of relaxation and peace by offering a clear containment within the exquisite care of nature, enabling our natural state of peace and belonging to arise.


90 minutes  :  £35

Woodbridge area, Suffolk

TO BOOK please message here and we will create a time then use the To Pay Button to the right to pay for the session.

1 : 1 sessions with laura

"Being given the chance to hear ourselves is the greatest gift to receive. Every wisdom we need is there right deep inside of us, waiting to deliver us back to our central sense of who we are. Having the pure beauty and love from nature and the particular presence of a guide supports us to seek and find our own unique medicine in the way we need."