Really smell ..

As COP26 was opening in Glasgow and our world was awash with green-washing and red rebels and passionate hearts and hope I listened in and found I was to go to the forest to listen.

It was that simple. And it dropped me deeper into why I wanted to become a forest guide, to give space to people to feel back into themselves, through the quiet incredible mysterious truth of nature. So I followed my own medicine .. Tunstall Forest. It was the best thing I could have done in the face of unsettling reports of how acutely the change to the climate is effecting real people on the other side of the world .. the same world as mine.

It feels integral to provide ourselves with beauty, space and peace, but also so obviously with natural clear healthy drinking water, good soil and clean air .. When I hear the actual stories of how humans have dispelled this believe and poach, deforest and mis-align these natural resources for life I don't know where to go in my head, so I go with my heart .. to the home of the land.

For two weeks every day I parked in the same spot and spoke with the same tree, placing my hand on her trunk, checking in with myself and herself. What is it I need to know. I am here to listen. I wandered up the beaten track, young birch trees lining it, small birds, browning ferns, sounds of the road in the distance. I came up to a small oak in a clearing and sat for moments, then more moments until my mind drifted away and I could hear the breeze in the trees moving then stilling, smell the morning earth and feel my back against the bark.

It took a while for me to settle, really settle, really see, really hear, really smell. And then came the exquisite relation to divinity, right there all the time. When the gap between my understanding and 'the world' disappears and I become the moment,

the present

the here,

the wonder,

light in the leaves

the squirrels' leaping.

All of it.

In the giving way to me and dissolving into us here, through the delicate art of forest bathing - distracting my self into the presence through listening to nature.

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