the super nectar power of nature

As I wander down the path towards the sea the wind picks my hair up and flings it around my face. The sea breeze has caught my attention and I call in a prayer for my journey to walk with and into. To be in the presence of now, to let go of anything else but the sun, the path and my body moving. It brought a special feeling as I carried on, and the light seemed more radiant. It occurred to me that when I die I won't get to see the beauty of nature anymore, that everyone else will be left with it and I'll be missing out. How could it go on without me, without my witnessing and love and delight in it. The path was sandy and lined with little bushes alongside a field. It then opened up to a vast illuminating vista of sea and sky, pure and eternal. I walked onto the beach and open each cell each pore to meet with the scuffing wind and glimmer of sun on the water, to engulf every nature atom available to fill me up and become myself fully. Alchemy happens in those precious lifefull moments. Natural respondings of created beings experiencing themselves as awareness in that time of the Now. And so, I reflected that I was seeing that particular part of the sea overturning and splashing on to the shore so for me that was the moment in time for me, where I existed. And I recognised that for each generation of human they had seen that same sea, and the sky and the wind, blowing my mind wider with holding both concepts, that I am here discovering the truth of the moment with the same sea that my grandmothers before me had also honored and lived with. That presence flows through all of it, and this is my time to see, witness, love, learn and enjoy. To delight in. To love nature as an honored gift of the now.

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