Wind shaping the Blossom boughs

Each morning I roll out of bed and down the lane to greet the fresh day in amoungst the May Blossoms. I watch the breeze fluttering the delicateness of the flower and peer in to see the details of how the five petals collect round the stamen. The smell is fine and subtle and it feels so intimate to be sharing this with natures creations. A proper treat which fills me up for the whole day.

On one morning the wind was so strong as I turned to come home that I felt the strength in me pushing at the force of it. I noticed the trees around me. Oaks still bare from the Winter, and extending into different shapes depending on what was influencing them. Then I realised that the power of the wind defines the shape of the branches, the stance of the truck, the lay of the leaves. And this must be within me too. Lifes moments causing me to brace, or curve or hold effortless straightness. How can we bend and lilt to the forces that move and push us, and how can we use these to help us develop, grow and expand as we find our extension in relation to the earth.

So appreciating the tender breeze on the flowers and the wild wanting of the wind on the trees and landscape, all supporting us to be the true nature that we are.

How does the air feel on your skin

Notice how the wind plays on the landscape around you

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