about laura


Laura Gwynne is a practicing Forest Therapy Guide and a pure nature lover. Based in Suffolk UK she takes groups and individuals on guided walks to explore the medicine that nature offers.

You can book a walk whether you're new to Forest Bathing or a regular. It's a wonderful accessible practice with wellbeing benefits supporting a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

Laura has completed a 6 month intensive training and is an accredited Forest Therapy Guide since January 2020 and trained with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapies.

Her background is extensively in Movement in Nature and she has trained for 7 years with Helen Poynor from the Walk of Life movement practice based on the Jurrassic Coast in Dorset.


She has danced under the guidance of Moves into Consciousness for over 20 years, exploring movement and meditation and including 5 Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth.

Wild First Aid Certificate Cover.

'A great silent space holds

all of nature in its embrace.

It also holds you.'